Here’s why you should book me for your wedding photography!

Woah! Straight in with a bold statement I know, but picking a wedding photographer is a big decision and I know there are a LOT of us out there! I’m hoping that in writing this blog post, by the time you get to the end, you’ll either already be drafting your enquiry email and raving about all the similar interests we share, OR you may also be swiftly clicking X and heading back to Google* (*other search engines available) which is A okay, the whole point of this post is to share more of me & my role on a wedding day - I’m super clear from the outset that a photographer spends a lot of time with you on your day so I think it’s bloomin’ important that you get on with whoever you pick!

Chloe Lee Photo Behind The Scenes

Let’s get down to business! (to defeat the huns)

Actually, we’re gonna leave 'business’ for a while and talk about me, you can find a lot more out on my ‘about me’ page but if you read the header there and thought it was a Mulan reference, you would totally be right! So there’s the first of my many interests, I’m a total crazy Disney fan - I’ve just got myself an annual pass to Disneyland Paris, it’s honestly one of the happiest places ever (and I know that’s super cheesy) but it really is!

I’m also really into Harry Potter, I’m a proud Slytherin, definitely more a fan of the books than the films, although obviously I love the films too I just still hold a slight grudge for them not including any of the scenes with Peeves… Maybe I’ll get over it one day!

I guess ultimately i’m a bit of a geek and I am fine with that, I love board game nights, a good murder mystery party (with lots of wine) watching crime shows, Game of Thrones, Star Wars, Pokemon, reading books, hanging out at game arcades, reading up on Marvel conspiracy theories and collecting Gin… All whilst listening to 2006 ‘alt rock/emo’ playlist because I never quite grew out of my MCR phase…

Chloe Lee Photo Behind The Scenes

An extra bridesmaid!?

I like to think of myself as more than just a photographer, I’m an extra pair of hands & eyes, always ready to carry something, fix make up & give you a second opinion. Things I’d add to my CV if I really needed one would be:

  • Chief button hole pinner

  • Corsage tie-er

  • Able to sew guests into dresses when the zip breaks (true story)

  • Bouquet stem drier

  • Dresses holder whilst walking through fields

  • Drink holder (and I won’t even drink them!)

  • Eyelash gluer/make up fixer upper

  • Shoelace/ribbon tie-er

Chloe Lee Photo Behind The Scenes
Chloe Lee Photo Behind The Scenes

I’ll talk to your friends, your mum, your nan and really blend into your day. The biggest compliment I get is when people assume that you booked me because i’m a friend! I think it’s mega important to get to know and talk to guests on the day so i’m really a part of it. It breaks the barrier down and people feel a lot, lot more relaxed around me and the camera! One of the reasons I bloody love this job is because I get to make so many new friends!

“Not all superheros wear capes!”

Don’t just listen to what I have to say about myself, here’s what some past couples have said:

“Well...what can we say...from start to finish Chloe was incredible. she made us feel so at ease from the moment we met her. 
We have gained incredible photos that we are proud of and an overall amazing friend from our experience. Chloe came to my rescue with hand sanitiser when my Krispy Kreme cake covered my hands (not all super hero's wear capes!) . We also took a detour to the lavender fields to get some lovely photos and as someone who has a huge phobia of bees/wasps Chloe did a brilliant job at keeping my mind off them..And keeping them off me!. We knew Chloe was the right photographer for us and her style was us down to a T! We can't thank you enough you definitely captured the happiness of our day in each and every picture which will stay with us forever!”

“Chloe was a dream on and in the run up to our wedding day. She seemed to be everywhere at once and managed to single handled capture the whole wedding with 130+ guests across multiple places at the venue. She is super chilled and fun and put everyone at ease. We even received 50 preview photos 2 days after the wedding which we were able to enjoy whilst we waited for the full set. We highly recommend her, book her quickly.”

“Chloe, what can I say? You know when your best friend turns up and puts you in the best mood that you giggle for hours- that’s what happened when I met Chloe on my wedding day. I was so nervous and super awkward in front of the camera but Chloe is actually magic- she captured all of the beauty and emotion of our day, we felt so relaxed and laughed so much. Disney & Harry Potter references, inside jokes, a true artist. All of my friends and family thought we’d known each other forever and everyone loved her! When I dreamed of a wedding day that felt like a Taylor Swift love song mixed with Cinderella & Alice In Wonderland, Chloe was my DREAM photographer! I wrote her name in my wedding planner with hearts and prayed that she would be the one to share and capture our wedding day. Chloe you are a dream, total babe, the most magical photographer & friend for life! We love you, thank you for making our day a special one”

Chloe Lee Photo Behind The Scenes

So what do you say? Think we’d be the best of pals and I’d fit in at your wedding!? I still have a few (like 4!) 2019 dates left and booking for 2020 so head here to send me a message if you wanna chat some more!