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Hello - pleased to meet you!

I'm Chloe, a stationery obsessed, glitter loving, flower crown wearing, Harry Potter & Disney fanatic from Essex. 

  • I love getting lost at boot-sales, jumble sales and charity shops, usually with my better half, Johnny. 
  • Once I've decided I like something I get a little obsessive... This means I collect a lot of 'shitnacks' (like niknaks but generally look like pointless shit to others but mean a lot to me!)
  • My collection includes: teapots, shot glasses, cameras, troll dolls, stickers, anything Hello Kitty related and anything totally kitsch. 
  • I'm an avid scrapbooker and try to document my life with photos, paper and stickers.
  • I really like glitter, Disney, mermaids, unicorns etc...
  • But I also really love Star Wars and football (I'm a proud Spurs fan!)
  • I'm pretty bloody obsessed with Harry Potter <3
  • I really like cheese, stinkier the better!
  • When it comes to music i'm still stuck in 2006/2007 which for me was the greatest and I intend to always live in my emo days forever loving Funeral for a Friend. 
  • I love going to the seaside and picnics, I have a caravan in Mersea Island which is my 'happy place'
  • I've just started to get into yoga (although I definitely struggle to keep my balance at times...)
  • I also really love afternoon tea, you can follow my adventures on the blog!


Here are some of my personal adventures! Click through to look or head on over to my journal to see more of my trips and afternoon tea reviews! 

Those who don’t believe in magic, will never find it...
— Roald Dahl