Livi and Pat got married at the awesome Wethersfield eco Project, Essex, last September. It was an awesome tipi wedding, with so much colour everywhere, awesome florals, an outfit change and a killer dance floor!

The outdoor ceremony

The ceremony took place in a woodland clearing in front of the most beautiful floral moongate by The Country Garden Flower Company. The ceremony area was filled with flowers, which was perfect for the surroundings. The ceremony began with several beautiful readings from friends and family, and finished with them walking down the aisle and being showered with colourful confetti. It was a wonderful ceremony, full of lots of laughter and so much love. The ceremony was led by their friend Stevo who really made it witty and perfect for them, it was full of fun readings by friends that all fit in with their literary theme and ended with a Their final reading was an adapted version of the poem, A Scientific Romance, by Tim Pratt. A close friend Richard had memorised the whole thing (it was long), and delivered it with confidence and wit which had everyone laughing, including me!

Boho Woodland Festival Wedding Braintree Essex Quirky Alternative Photography

After the ceremony, we did a few family photos and then I left the couple to mingle, which is such a great time for the newly married couple to have some time to let it sink in and me to get some great candid photos. Then we took some time out for photos, which was so much fun! I got some really fun group photos of the bridal party amongst the trees – I let off some smoke bombs and had them doing their best badass band album cover poses which they all loved and did a great job at!

Boho Woodland Tipi Festival Wedding Braintree Essex Quirky Alternative Photography

The reception

As it was such a lush day Livi & Pat opted to do 2 speeches before food outside, and 2 more after dinner back inside the tipi. After the speeches, they cut the cake, with a sword of course. and the party kicked off! They had their first dance to Queen - Crazy Little Thing Called Love which was spectacular, they had a great routine with Pat lifting Livi and spinning her around! After a huge round of appause the music kicked in and the dance floor got going. They had Jamie Berry who is an awesome electro swing DJ and the dance floor was packed all night, there was an impromptu point during the sets where one of their friends did a cracking Frank Sinatra impression followed by Pats dad and friends resurrecting "The Three Elvis's".

Boho Woodland Tipi Festival Wedding Braintree Essex Quirky Alternative Photography

As I left guests were toasting marshmallows around the fire, which was so much fun – inside the tipi really added to the atmosphere. The whole wedding had such a fun atmosphere, from the bride’s awesome dress to toasting marshmallows on the fire. One of the best moments of the wedding was when Livi told me to watch out for her party trick, because when she's had a drink she often does the splits, i'm so glad I managed to capture it! The ceremony was also a talking point of the wedding – because the flower hoop that The Country Garden Flower Company had created was so colourful and bright and unlike any other wedding flower arrangement the guests had ever seen.

The couple says that if you’re planning your wedding, the biggest piece of advice they could give you is to not compromise on your vision and keep it as true to your and your personalities.

“Chloe was a dream on and in the run up to our wedding day. She seemed to be everywhere at once and managed to single handled capture the whole wedding with 130+ guests across multiple places at the venue. She is super chilled and fun and put everyone at ease…We highly recommend her, book her quickly!”

I loved this colourful festival wedding so much. If you’re getting married and looking for a quirky Essex wedding photographer, get in touch. Here are the photos!

Boho Woodland Festival Wedding Braintree Essex Quirky Alternative Photography