Firstly, apologies for the lack of Wednesday Wares last week! I was away in the Cotswolds with a serious lack of wi-fi & 4G and honestly it was super refreshing! But It’s Wednesday and I’m back with another post for you! I seem to be going with one particular item choice each week so this week I’ve decided to share something I bloody love and am seeing a lot of merchandise pop up around recently and that’s Disney!

Obviously, Disney has always been a pretty popular area but with the remakes of lots of our old favourites like Alice in Wonderland, Cinderella & Beauty and the Beast this has meant that we don’t just need to pop into your nearest Disney store to get your fix, a lot of high street and online shops are getting a piece of the action! (I for one am glad because my local Disney store closed down – The horror!)

Okay I am utterly obsessed with this Asos x DN Dopey bag. Glitter? Check. Total novelty bag? Check. Stands out in a crowd? Check! 
I must admit though, it's definitely one of those items that as much as I love it, it will probably stay on my wishlist 'cos it is a total novelty and I don't have any cool occasions to use it, (I could keep my memory cards in it though right?). Theres a few other designs too that you can check out on Asos here.

Okay this is cheating a bit as I already own it but I am utterly in love with this little chip mug! Now, there was the infamous Primark version for a fiver but that seemed impossible to get hold of and as I casually perused the Lakeside Disney store one day this Chip fell into my hands, then at the cashier and then into my bag and so we began our little love affair - if you ever see me at a wedding fair chip comes along and holds the business cards now!


Lastly if you follow me on Facebook you may have seen this print I shared a couple of weeks ago but I LOVE Risa Rodils work. She does awesome movie themed prints and posters from Disney to Harry Potter in a super cool whimsical pop art style. I definitely will be buying a couple for my office soon!

If you have any cool Disney merch to share with me, which I'm sure theres a lot more out there then please leave some links below! 

I also am just gonna put it out there I love Disney weddings! I photographed this one a few years ago and am getting Disney enquiries through for next year so if you're having an element of Disney to your wedding then definitely get in touch

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