So this one is TOTALLY your call! I’m happy to be on hand as little or as much as you want when it comes to being involved with your planning. Some people find they like to find their own suppliers along the way, other couples will ask for lots of recommendations for all aspects of their wedding party. I talked about find suppliers here but I always love to recommend people I know and have worked with so you can have a super supplier squad on your day! (we’re like the Avengers but more helpful and less destroying everything…)

Woodhall Manor Suffolk Alternative Natural Wedding Photography

If you don’t want me involved too much thats absolutely fine, weddings are personal things so I’ll let you do your thing. Around 4-6 weeks before your day I’ll pop you an email to see how you’re getting on and book in a Skype or in-person meeting to go over the wedding day timeline and plan of action for the day itself. If we haven’t met previously I always encourage this meeting to be in person so we can have a good chat, and get to know each other as well as going over your plans. I always feel this makes you a lot more comfortable on the day itself having met as I won’t feel like a stranger turning up with lots of cameras!

I try to follow all my couples on Instagram (and you can add me on Facebook if you like!) doing this I get to find out more about you as a couple, where you hang out, what you do and an odd one but quite important one, what photos you post of you both! Peoples selfies and couple photos tell a lot about you - How you present yourself online shows me a good idea of what photos you’ll like me to take. If you’re always belly laughing and pulling silly faces I’ll encourage you to do that on your wedding day too, it’s always my aim to photograph you being you, and not making you do things that aren’t really you as a couple.

Woodhall Manor Suffolk Alternative Natural Wedding Photography

If you want to involve me a bit more than thats totally fine by me! I have some couples that email regularly or send me photos on Instagram of things they’ve found for the day, things they’re making, their wedding dress etc. and often ask for my opinions or if I know anyone that makes veils to go with their dress, or flowers etc. I’m always happy to answer any questions when it comes to planning your timeline for the day, helping you with your table plans, or to just offer some guidance. I find I have a lot in common with couples so we often end up talking about music, films, books or Disney characters we love!

Woodhall Manor Suffolk Alternative Natural Wedding Photography

I hope that helps with your planning and if you’ve been thinking about emailing me for advice but put it off for any reason send me one! (as long as it’s Insta or Email it’s all good and I would love to hear from you!! I just keep my whatsapp/text as business free as possible)

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