Preparing for adverse weather on your wedding day

“It’s like raiiiiiiiiiiin, on your wedding day!”

Us Brits are pretty familiar with the crazy weather changes of good old blighty, but the constant shift in conditions can play havoc with your wedding day plans. You may have planned to have your wedding photos out in the gardens of the venue, but then torrential rain hits, or you’re wearing a beautiful strapless gown and the temperature had plummeted to under 10 degrees. It’s the kind of thing that keeps a bride-to-be up at night.

But fear not! Rather than losing sleep and worrying about what the weather will be playing at, here are a few tips to make sure you’re ready for whatever mother nature throws at you on your special day.

Rainy wedding day at Colville Hall Essex - Wedding Photography

Custom umbrellas

As you’re probably aware, rain is a common challenge in Britain, it can be sunny one second and torrential rain the next which is great for the greenery but not so great for your wedding photos. To tackle this, have some custom umbrellas made ahead of your big day. Get them designed to fit your wedding aesthetic and outfits, and big enough to keep a good radius around you dry.

If the rain does decide to descend at the wrong moment, just pop out your umbrellas and your photographer will direct you in how to hold and position them to make a beautiful collection of photos encapsulating your vision while you stay dry.

Have a back-up plan

It is does so happen that the rain is constant and unrelenting, always have a backup plan for your pictures. This could be a staircase in the venue, a specific room or area, or perhaps even a doorway where you can avoid the rain and still capture a beautiful shot.

Rainy wedding day Hackney Round Chapel - Chloe Lee Photo Alternative wedding photography

Glam up some wellies

Heavy rain and outdoors usually equals mud, and there is nothing worse that ruining your wedding outfits with a smelly, sticky, muddy mess. To avoid this, get some wellies customized and glammed up before the day. White embellished wellies can look incredible in a wedding shot, so get yours blinged up and ready to strut just in case!

Backup gazebo

If you’re having your wedding outdoors or in a teepee, it’s always worth having a large gazebo or a stretch tent as a backup plan incase the weather takes a turn for the worst. In the case of a torrential downpour, the ground can become swampy and teepees will often start to ‘slouch’ in the soft ground. It also means the areas available for couple shots becomes slightly more limited. if you have a stretch tent to the side we can still ensure we get some kick ass photos undercover but without guests photobombing in the background!

Weather appropriate wedding favours

So, you’re having a summer wedding and the forecast says it’s going to be 32 degrees on the big day. Wowzas! Your guests will be feeling the heat in those kinds of temperatures. So, plan ahead and offer weather appropriate wedding favours. You could give out hand fans with your names printed on, or for rainy forecasts maybe an umbrella to use. These kind of favours will be a huge hit and serve as a reminder of your day.

How to deal with heat on your wedding day - London Wedding Photography Chloe Lee Photo


It’s a beautiful, clear, sunny day and everyone is smiling; except your photographer. Contrary to popular belief, photography is extremely difficult in bright sunlight and can make images look shadowy. Added to this is the risk of sunburn while you are out having photos taken in the height of the day. To tackle this, have parasols ready. Vintage style parasols not only look beautiful in photos, but they really do serve their purpose and create stunning soft-focus effect shading under direct sunlight. Get your parasol custom made to match your colour scheme or purchase a ready made one in the colour of your choice, it’s completely up to you.

Rainy wedding at Upton Barn and Walled Garden - Chloe Lee Photo
How to deal with Rain on your wedding day - Upton Barn and Walled Garden Wedding

So, there you have a few tips and tricks to help you to tackle the weather on your wedding day, but my biggest tip is to just embrace it! Yes, the weather can create chaos on your wedding day, but if you just embrace it, you’ll be surprised at how amazing your day is. Don’t worry about your photos, your photographer is a professional and can make any weather forecast work for stunning images you’ll cherish forever. Rainfall in the foreground of an image or a dress blowing in the wind can look so artistic and original, so just embrace what nature throws at you and laugh it off, because it’s your day and you can enjoy it no matter what the weather.

And here’s some bonus images of me photographing in wet weather!

Photographing a wedding in the rain - Upton Barn and Walled Garden
How to deal with rain on your wedding day