Alternative Wedding Dress Ideas

For a bride, when beginning to plan her wedding one of the most continuous thoughts (and most asked about questions from friends!) is finding 'The Dress'. Long? Short? White? Ivory? There are so many things to think about when considering what dress you want. There's also a LOT of choice out there so whilst it can be a good thing, it can also make the search for the perfect dress very stressful!

I photographed so many alternative wedding dresses and I always try to do something a little different with them! One thing I will add if you're wanting your wedding dress photographed is think about the hanger! It's often the most overlooked thing but actually when you've spent so much on a special dress a couple of extra ££ on a nice hanger is nothing! (I did use to keep one in the car but I left it at a hotel once, oops! This is reminding me to get a new one!) There are some fab hangers on . ANYWAY as usual, I'm going off on a tangent, here's some dresses I've photographed! 

One shop I definitely want to speak about is Rock The Frock, based in my home county of Essex (yeaaah!). I found Rock The Frock early on in my journey into alternative wedding photography and have been lucky enough to have photographed shoots with dresses from the shop and also catwalk events. Karen is also the loveliest of people are runs various alternative networking events (such as wine tasting which is a whole other story) for Essex based suppliers, through which I've made some awesome friends.

The flagship store is located close to Chelmsford station, in Essex - So if you're based outside of Essex have no fear, its SUPER easy to get to, especially from London! If you're near Plymouth there is also a concession there and excitingly a new store will be opening soon in Berkshire.

RTF was started buy owner Karen in 2011, when planning her own wedding grew frustrated by the lack of alternative, vintage and short wedding dresses that suited her dream wedding. Not wanting to conform to the usual Essex stereotype of meringues, boob tubes and layers and layers of chiffon Karen has been sourcing beautiful Boho and vintage inspired dresses that are guaranteed to make any alternative bride fall in love (I'm not even engaged yet i'm continously lusting over Poppy by House of Mooshki).