Alternative Wedding Food Ideas 

Lets be honest, we all know when we go to weddings the food is a big talking point! If it's amazing people will remember for months after, if its bad however they'll remember for years! One thing I'm finding more and more as people are embracing more nontraditional and un-conventional weddings is how can they continue this through with food choices, because a gourmet 3 course meal probably doesn't suit a tipi or a back garden wedding vibe! 

Food trucks:

Alternative Wedding Food Ideas Pizza Truck

Food trucks are a great way of catering for your guests - from pizza to fish and chips, Turkish to Mexican you'll be sure to find something that everyone loves! Most usually have a minimum quantity so why not have your van stay around until later in the evening so if people get peckish in the evening they can go back for seconds and even better your evening guests won't feel like they're missing out!

Sharing is Caring! - Picnic hampers / Grazing Tables

Alternative Wedding Food Ideas - Picnic Hamper
Alternative Wedding Food Ideas - Grazing Plates
Alternative Wedding Food Ideas - Grazing Platters Grape & Fig

Picnic hampers or a grazing table make great conversation starters for guests! They encourage your guests to chat, pass things down the table and can work out as a cheaper alternative to a three course meal. Think lots of cheese, salads, bread, cous cous, pies and cured meats there will be something for everyone. Plus they look great!

Bake off! - Afternoon Tea & dessert Tables

Alternative Wedding Food Ideas - Afternoon Tea
Alternative Wedding Food Ideas - Dessert Table

So, have you thought about asking your friends & family to bring a cake or dessert dish each and hosting your own bake off competition? You can provide an inexpensive prize for best tasting or best decorated and it also means you don't need to spend out on dessert but have a table full of them = win win! 

Dessert van! 

Alternative Wedding Food Ideas - Ice Cream Van

So not only can you have your food trucks you can also have a dessert van, because we all love dessert! From ice cream vans, to waffle trucks to crepe vans you've got lots of sweeeet options! (I'm personally all for the crepes if i'm honest!) Also as you can see from the super cute photo they also make great photo opp backdrops! 

Because every great party needs a drink!

Alternative Wedding Food Ideas - Coffee Van
Alternative Wedding Food Ideas - Mobile Bar

Lastly and certainly by no means least, drinks! Lets face it guests need to stay hydrated and mobile bars are a great addition to any wedding! As well as alcoholic bars lets not forget about those that would prefer something less alcoholic and more caffeinated, mobile coffee vans are super cool and will keep everyone awake well into the evening! 

I hope you found this blog post super helpful, below is a handy list of suppliers I love and trust and would recommend to everyone wanting some super cool food and drink options! 
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Alternative Wedding Food Ideas