Alice in Wonderland Afternoon tea at Mad Dogs & Englishmen, Leigh-on-Sea, Essex

Maddogs and Englishmen Interior and Tearoom, Leigh on Sea, Essex

So back in November I went for Narnia themed afternoon tea at Mad Dogs & Englishmen and safe to say I was beyond blown away by the detail from arrival through to cakes (you can read more of that here) So when I was invited for Alice in Wonderland tea I practically lept out of my chair in excitement! 

Now, Alice in Wonderland is my one of my favourite books and being a huge Disney fan I loved their adaptation too so I'm always curious when I read the words "Alice in Wonderland Tea". I've actually been to two Alice themed teas previously and I'm always amazed at how differently they're interpreted, plus I must admit, having been to the Narnia tea and been so wowed I had set the bar VERY very high for this tea...

"Down the Rabbit Hole" aka The Setting! 

What really sets them apart is the thought and concept, it's not just about the afternoon tea, they're creating a truly unique experience. From the moment you arrive you're invited to shrink (okay you just have to duck a little but let's pretend we shrunk) to step through the door into a truly magical wonderland. Filled with trinkets and props that really hint at the whole Wonderland experience without being tacky! 

Alice in Wonderland Theme Afternoon Tea, Leigh-on-Sea Essex

From cards cascading from chandeliers, the Hatters hat popping up throughout the Parlour and of course teapots with Alice illustrations, everything was so beautifully befitting of the theme. We were sat in the window seat which I was super excited about as it meant we were in our own private little hideaway!

"It's always tea time!" aka The Food! 

Let's be honest, you're probably here because you want to know what the food looked and tasted like right? Well I won't keep you waiting any longer - it was bloody marvellous and I think as I said last time, there was SO much of it! I know it's not just me that goes to afternoon tea thinking " Is a few little sandwich fingers a scone and a cake really going to fill me up for long..." Well if you come here it will! I was full before the cakes had even been bought out! The sandwich selection is tip top, I was particularly fond of the coronation chicken, whilst my date (aka mum) was a fan of the salmon and cream cheese. The scones are THE best scones I've ever eaten, hands down. No scone will beat them. We also had a little vial nestled in the top of the cake stand that we drank before we tucked in too!

Alice In Wonderland Themed Afternoon Tea Leigh-on-Sea Essex

As I said, by the time I polished the scone off I was pretty full but what I love about it is there's no rush to scoff everything and be ferried out, you have plenty of time to sit and chat and let that go down before you can tuck into your cakes! Another plus point, if you do get way too full then you can take your cakes home in a box which is what I did, although I did eat the cheesecake and a macaron! Now take a deep breath and brace yourself because WOW wow wow at the cake display, I was in awe at how amazing they were, I mean just look at that Alice! (ps this was also the perfect excuse to use my new Primark purse and bag!) 

I wish I'd gotten the name of our waitress but I was totally overwhelmed the decor (and prosecco) I forgot to ask but the service was exceptional, we were well looked after and our teapots fully topped up but did't feel intruded on at all and served with a friendly smile throughout! 
Sadly the Alice tea isn't on for too much longer as it's a limited time event but then host 'normal' (which i'm sure is anything but ordinary!) afternoon tea throughout the week and weekends. With special Jazz teas every 3rd Sunday of the Month and 'puttin' on the Ritz' every 1st Sunday of the month!

Afternoon tea is £22 and £25 for themed events and worth every penny! 
You can also take your own prosecco should you wish too, there's even a Sainsburys across the road and glasses and an ice bucket are kindly provided for you. They can also cater for Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten-free and any other dietary requirements can be discussed before you book - so you are all covered and have absolutely no excuse not to go, or as the Queen of Hearts would say, Off with your head! As you'd be truly mad not too! 

And on a final not before a few more photos you can hire it out for private functions so thinking of having a hen party, baby shower or even a super intimate wedding in the most beautiful of settings and need a photographer than send me an email ;)


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