5 Tips to make sure bridal/groom prep is stress free

I put a shout out on social media to see what tips or advice I could give to couples to help with planning and ensure everything runs as smooth and stress free as possible! One popular question was “how do we make sure that we stay calm during our bridal or groom preparations”. So here’s 5 top tips I’ve picked up during my time spent with the girls or guys in the morning!


1.       Make sure the room you’re in is big enough for the people who will be getting ready with you!

If you’ve got your wedding party getting ready with you in the morning it’s definitely important to factor in the size of the room you choose. For girls, especially if you’re all in a room with hairdryers and straighteners going off you want to make sure you all still have space to move around and windows to open. I certainly know that the hotter I get the more stressed out I seem to get too.

5 Tips to make sure bridal/groom prep is stress free

2.       Have anything you want photographed ready and put to one side.

The last thing I want anyone to do is worry about what I need to photograph. If there’s shoes, jewellery, watches, cufflinks and rings etc that need photographing, make sure to leave them all together on the side so that when I or a second shooter arrive for groom prep we can take them easily and photograph them. This definitely saves your b-maids or g-men hunting around looking for things. This also leads me on to point 3.

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3.       Try to keep the room tidy.

Selfishly for your photographer it will mean that the room looks way better in all your photos and I don’t have to go around carefully moving things. It also means that things like ties, shoes and handbags don’t go missing easily under a mound of pyjamas and bath towels! (believe me, it’s amazing how quickly a shoe can disappear in one room!)

5 Tips to make sure bridal/groom prep is stress free - Natural Bridal Portrait

4.       Allocate specific jobs in advance.

There’s is absolutely nothing wrong with giving your best man, best girl or anyone else that will be around specific jobs ie: chief confetti distributor, supplier liaison assistant, lipstick carrier or prosecco popper!

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5.       Make sure you have food and drink!

Weddings are long days and once you have your outfits on chances are you won’t be eating or drinking anything until the reception. It’s always handy to make sure you have plenty of water, croissants, toast and obviously a cheeky bottle or two of prosecco to hand in the morning. But most importantly make sure there’s a kettle and a few mugs because every day starts with a good coffee or a brew!

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Hopefully this will make you think a little more about how to plan your mornings. If you have any other questions you’d love to know the answer too, or you’re already married and have some advice to share with other couples let me know! You can click here to see all posts that have helpful advice.