Should we feed our wedding photographer? 

Okay today I’m tackling a very sensitive topic that always seems to be discussed frequently in Facebook wedding groups… *dramatic jaws music plays* “Should we feed our wedding photographer”? Honestly, if I had a pound for every time I saw this discussed I could buy myself a cheeky Nandos and have change!

Honest answer? – Yes.

chateau de tilly destination wedding food france

Okay, okay, so you don’t HAVE to but its really bloody nice if you do. Now, we aren’t expecting to eat the same meal that you and your guests are, generally speaking if you ask your caterers or venue they will have a special supplier’s meals they can provide at a fraction of the cost. Most photographers are doing minimum of an 8 hour day, usually with at least an hour travelling either side. It’s hard to take something substantial with us to eat as we don’t have access to a fridge or a microwave. In peak season it’s really not great to eat a warm sandwich that’s been sitting on the passenger’s seat since the trip to the petrol station at 9 that morning. When you’re on your feet all day you use up a lot of energy so being able to grab a glass of water or a fizzy drink also helps to keep hydrated and sugar levels up. Quite often when I’m photographing weddings in hotels couples will give me some money, or create a set bar tab in the restaurant. A well fed photographer is a happy photographer :D!

What happens if we don’t provide you with a meal? If you don’t provide us with a meal then it’s cool – but we’re probably then going to go and get something, that usually means going off site, for around an hour to get something. So any little moments that happen in between will be missed by our cameras. At least if we’re on site we can run and take a few shots.

French Destination Wedding - Should we feed our wedding photographer?

A final point to note: If your caterers are providing your photographer with a meal and speeches are after the food then its best to arrange with them to feed us at the same time as your guests and not once everyone is on desserts. All too often it happens – caterers bring out the food, we stare lovingly at the plate and caress it with the knife and fork… Then speeches are up! We abandon the plate, photograph speeches and do a little cry when we come back and it’s been cleared away.

Soooo… I hope this wasn’t too awkward and clears up a few things. It’s probably best noting to discuss this with your photographer and caterer before your day so they know what to expect and you can discuss the food timings too. Also check if your photographer has a clause in their contract. Personally I have it in mine that I need a hot meal provided!

chateau de tilly destination wedding food france