Fun, creative ways to keep you guests entertained


We’ve all been to those weddings where we’re left standing around having awkward conversations with distant relatives about how our cat is doing while the bride and groom are off having their photos done, and it can feel like an eternity!

So, rather than subjecting your guests to small talk and awkward social circles, why not give them something fun to do while you’re away? Now, it doesn’t have to be anything too dramatic, we’re not talking about hiring the Venga Bus to whisk them away on a tour of the local area, just a simple activity to keep everyone entertained and hype up the wedding party for the reception.

Here’s a few quirky ideas for your big day:

Wedding Piñata!

Piñata’s aren’t just for kid’s birthday parties anymore. These days you can get adult piñatas full of goodies fit for anyone 18+ including teeny bottles of booze, funny toys and games, and just your classic grown up sweets. Why not get yourself a couple of piñatas and some blindfolds and let the guests entertain themselves!

Fun Wedding Entertainment - Wedding Pinata



We all pretend we don’t like to sing in public, but the power of the karaoke machine is strong and can convince even the shyest of wall flowers to pick up the mic and have a sing-a-long. Grab a good quality karaoke machine and let your guests have their own fun while they wait.

Glitter Bar

Who doesn’t love glitter at a party!? Have a glitter bar set up in your “waiting area” so your guests can glitz up ready for the party. This one is a must have if you are having a festival themed wedding.

Glitter Station at Wedding - Fun Wedding Entertainment Ideas

Treasure Hunt

Ready. Get set. HUNT! It is surprising how competitive people get when there is a prize to be won. Set your guests a challenge with hidden clues, riddles and maps to find hidden prizes around the grounds or venue. Finders keepers!

Cocktail making

Why not have your guests serve themselves the drinks? Set up a cocktail making class for your wedding party and get them ready for the party.

Silent Disco

If your venue is in a quiet area, why not grab some headphones and have a silent disco? Give your guests a taste of what to expect at the reception AND avoid the awkward chats, winner!

Silent Disco at Wedding - Fun Wedding Entertainment Ideas


Dance lesson

The dancefloor at a wedding reception can be a baron wasteland while guests are too afraid to get up and throw some shapes. Get your guests ready to strut their stuff by giving them a dance lesson while they wait. It can be a very simple routine, but it will add a little bit of fun and laughter to the day and give your guests some ideas for when the DJ hits play!


Have your ever done crafts at a wedding? Well, be the first to do it! Grab some materials and put your guests to work making their very own confetti bombs, glitter canons, personalised glasses or a hand fan if it’s a hot day. You’ll be surprised how much fun crafts can be, and the end result will be useful for the reception.

Kids party games

No matter how old we get, we still love the classic kids party games like the egg and spoon race, pass the balloon, and musical chairs. So, why not make adult friendly versions too? You could try ‘Pin the veil on the bride’ or ‘pass the bouquet’; the possibilities are endless and will provide a great laugh for your whole wedding party.

Fun Wedding Entertainment Ideas
Fun Wedding Entertainment Ideas - Bouncy Castle
Fun Wedding Entertainment - Silent Disco
Fun Wedding Entertainment Ideas - Piñata


So, there’s a few ideas to keep your wedding party entertained in the quieter periods of the big day. If nothing else, they’ll give everyone a good laugh, and alleviate some of the awkwardness that comes with these ‘quiet’ moments and prepare your guests for the fun of the rest of the rest of day