Photo by Lucie Watson Photography

Photo by Lucie Watson Photography

Who's that girl!?

-I love going to bootsales, jumbles & charity shops.

-Once I've decided I like something, I get a bit obsessive. Which means I collect lots of 'things' ; Anything Hello Kitty related, Shot Glasses, Teacups, Teapots, Troll Dolls, stickers, cameras...

-I also bloody love Stationary, It's quite surprising that I don't already own half the shares in Paperchase!

-I'm an avid scrapbooker and try to document my life in paper and stickers.

-I really like glitter, unicorns, mermaids & Disney...

-But I also like Star Wars and football.

-I REALLY love Harry Potter though, I would LOVE to photograph a Harry Potter themed wedding some day!

-I love couples that aren't afraid to be themselves, embrace their quirks and have a day that is truly them.