Alice in Wonderland Afternoon Tea // The Gilt Rooms, Mersea Island

Something I've wanted to do for THE longest time is write a series of blog posts on my love of afternoon tea. I had intended on starting an actual blog titled "Chloe's Afternoon Tea Adventures" but I then decided that I'd just write it all here every once in a while because this is still my blog and a lot of my couples also seem to love afternoon tea so why not share the love around! So here goes, first up is the Gilt Rooms, located in my favourite place, Mersea Island, Essex. 

Alice in Wonderland Afternoon Tea - Mersea island Essex

Mersea island is a place i've been going to since I was around 4, we have a family caravan there and its that place I go to and I instantly feel relaxed and at 'home'. There's lots of lovely places to go there, but in my opinion was really lacking in a proper afternoon tea spot, that's where the Gilt Rooms came in and saved the day! When it first opened I went in and had a cup of tea and what felt like a slab of the most amazing chocolate cake. So I'd already had a little taster for what was on offer but whilst there I spied that they were soon to be offering a 'Mad Hatters Tea' and as someone who is also a huge fan of Alice in Wonderland I pretty much threw myself at the till and put a deposit down on a spot for me, mum and my brother. - We weren't disappointed! 

When we arrived we were greeted with a super friendly smile from one of the waitresses and taken to a seat in the side room, it's really light and airy, but also super cosy at the same time. We were offered a cocktail each (already a bonus point!) and given a little introduction as to what we could expect throughout the afternoon. 

You can see from the photos just how well thought through the whole thing was, from the Hatters cupcake, to the macaroon pocket watch. Everything was so beautifully done - to the point it felt a shame to eat it, but I soon got over that part as everything tasted absolutely amazing. There was unlimited tea and I'm pretty sure I had an extra scone too! 

Unfortunately you can't have this particular menu anymore, but I've already got my eyes on the upcoming "Roald Dahl Fantastical Feasts"!!

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