Hello - pleased to meet you!

I'm Chloe, a stationary obsessed, glitter loving, flower crown wearing, Harry Potter fanatic and alternative wedding photographer from Essex. 

  • I love getting lost at bootsales, jumble sales and charity shops, usually with my better half, Johnny. 
  • Once i've decided I like something I get a little obsessive... This means I collect a lot of 'shitnacks' (like niknaks but generally look like pointless shit to others but mean a lot to me!)
  • My collection includes: Teapots, shot glasses, cameras, troll dolls, stickers, anything Hello Kitty related and anything totally kitsch. 
  • I'm an avid scrapbooker and try to document my life with photos, paper and stickers.
  • I really like glitter, Disney, mermaids, unicorns etc...
  • But I also really love Star Wars and football (I'm a proud Spurs fan!)
  • I'm pretty bloody obsessed with Harry Potter <3
  • I really like cheese, stinkier the better!
  • When it comes to music i'm still stuck in 2006/2007 which for me was the greatest and I intend to always live in my emo days forever loving Funeral for a Friend. 
  • I love going to the seaside and picnics, I have a caravan in Mersea Island which is my 'happy place'
  • I also really love afternoon tea, you can follow my adventures on the blog!



I studied photography at UWE in Bristol and got an official bit of paper that says I have a BAhons in taking photos... but tbh it was a pretty pointless because to me taking photos is so much more than knowing a lot of technical jargon, its actually having the ability to get people to relax in front of the camera and enjoy it! The best compliment I get from guests is when they tell me how approachable and calming I am to have around and how do my cheeks not ache from smiling so much! (it sounds cheesy but weddings just make me super happy). I also discovered how much I bloody love Bristol and the South-West and even though I don't live there anymore I still go back for weddings and will continue to do so!